Did you know that you can set the course of your daily life in simply the first 15 minutes of each day? First 15 is a daily devotional plan that will help you grow in God each day.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Power verse:   John 8:34-36

Power declaration: “I am not a slave to sin! I am free to be a servant of Jesus Christ! I choose His will above my own!”

Prayer focus: “Father, because I am a slave to You, You are committed to taking care of every need I have. My heart is bound to Your heart. I have available to me all the resources of Your heart.”

Go deeper: Luke 10:38-42


Friday, may 18, 2018

Power verse:  1 John 1:7

Power declaration: “I walk in life, as He is in the light. I walk in the glory, as He is in the glory!”

Prayer focus: “There will never be a day in my life that I won’t have access to Your glory and Your goodness. In Your presence, there will always be a supply of Your glory in my life.”

Go deeper: Ezekiel 1:1,4-5, 26-28; Habakkuk 3:3-4


Saturday, may 20, 2018

Power verse:  James 1:2-4

Power declaration: “I consider it pure joy whenever I face trials! I let patience and perseverance finish their work in me so that I may be mature and compete, not lacking anything!”

Prayer focus: “Trials often draw me closer to Your heart. You never author evil in my life, but You have promised to always be with me in every trial. My faith is able to fully trust in You.”

Go deeper: Romans 5:1-5


Sunday, may 21, 2018

Power verse:  Mark 11:23

Power declaration: “I believe that what I say will happen and I do not doubt in my heart. It will be done for me!”

Prayer focus: “Father, You have put Your word in my heart, and it is effectually at work. It’s doing what You designed it to do in me.”

Go deeper: Mark 11:22-26


Monday, May 22, 2018

Power verse:  2 Timothy 3:11

Power declaration: “The Lord rescues me from all my persecutions and troubles!”

Prayer focus: “You are my hiding place. Your presence keeps my soul secure.”

Go deeper: Matthew 5:10-16


Tuesday, may 23, 2018

Power verse:   Ephesians 4:32

Power declaration: “I forgive others, just as in Christ God forgave me!”

Prayer focus: “Father, You have given me a heart to forgive. To keep my heart clear, I live in a constant state of forgiveness because You have freely forgiven me.”

Go deeper: Matthew 18:21-35


Wednesday, may 24, 2018

Power verse:   John 17:18

Power declaration: “I believe in Jesus! He sends me! I fulfill God’s plan for my life!”

Prayer focus: “Father, I pray over my friends today. I thank You that You are fulfilling Your purpose for their lives this very day. I boldly declare that You are work in them right now to do Your good pleasure.”

Go deeper: Matthew 8:16; 9:35